The Greatest Advantage of Spandex Fabric

Spandex fabric has the greatest advantage of good elasticity, can stretch 5-8 times, not aging, spandex can not weave alone, generally weave together with other raw materials, spandex ratio is about 3-10%, swimsuit fabric spandex ratio reaches 20%. Spandex fibers are synthetic fibers with high breaking elongation (more than 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery. Chinese trade name for multiblock polyurethane fibers. Also known as elastic fibers. Spandex has high elongation (500%-700%), low elastic modulus (200% elongation, 0.04-0.12 [...]

Working Principle of Screen Printing

Screen printing consists of five elements: screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and printing material. The basic principle of screen printing is to use the basic principle of penetrating ink in screen printing plate and non-screen printing. When printing, ink is poured into one end of screen printing plate, and scraper is used to exert certain pressure on the ink part of screen printing plate, while moving towards the other end of screen printing plate. The ink is [...]


Modal knitted fabric is a new type of environmental protection fiber. It integrates cotton comfort, viscose drape, polyester strength and silk handle. It also has the soft and bright color after washing many times. Knitting technology still combines the advantages of fiber and knitting itself, such as soft and fluffy, high elasticity and comfort, so as to complement each other’s superior performance. On circular knitting machine (large circular knitting machine), single-sided and double-sided knitted fabrics interwoven with Model and [...]

Classification of Tequila Wine

Blanco and Plata Blanco and Plata, meaning “white” and “silver” in Spanish respectively, can be considered as an ageing wine in the field of tequila, and do not need to be aged in oak barrels. Blanco grade tequila is put in oak barrels for a maximum of 30 days. Joven abocado Joven abocado, which means “young and pleasant” in Spanish, is also often called Oro (golden). In terms of classification, all of these wines belong to Mixto. In theory, no 100% of [...]

Classification of tablecloths

First, it is classified according to the production process. Plastics: PVC table cloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, ironing table cloth, cotton substrate PVC table cloth, PP table cloth and other polyethylene table cloth, casting film table cloth Textile category: polyester-cotton slub printing table cloth, polyester-cotton knitted lace table cloth, pure cotton mercerized screen button table cloth, polyester warp knitted jacquard table cloth, pure cotton mercerized jacquard table cloth, polyester-cotton flat knitted printing table cloth, polyester-cotton flat embroidered table cloth, [...]

Common Wearing Method of POLO Shirts

1. Clothes directly (the most common way of wearing): But many people don’t wear it. They often choose a pure T-shirt to underline, wear a T-shirt with a round collar next to a POLO shirt, which will make people feel simple, generous and layered, and also protect the POLO shirt. 2. Unfasten and wear the two buttons: Generally, POLO shirts will have two buttons. If you wear them close to your body, it is recommended that the bottom button be unlocked, the [...]

Material Classification of Socks

1. Cotton Usually we prefer to wear pure cotton socks, but is pure cotton 100% cotton? The sock specialist’s answer is no, that is to say, there are no 100% cotton socks. If the composition of a pair of socks is 100% cotton, then the pair of socks is completely inelastic, socks have to be knitted very wide to fit in, you can imagine how heelless these socks are. 100% cotton socks shrinkage rate is particularly high, not strong, wearable. [...]

The Use of Polyester

Polyester fibers have high strength, high modulus and low water absorption. They are widely used as civil and industrial fabrics. As a textile material, polyester staple fibers can be pure spinning, especially suitable for blending with other fibers; they can be blended with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and other chemical staple fibers such as viscose fibers, acetate fibers, polyacrylonitrile fibers and other staple fibers. The cotton-like, wool-like and linen-like fabrics made from pure or blended fabrics [...]

Introduction of absinthe

Vermouth is a highly alcoholic distilled wine with anise flavor. Its main raw materials are anise, anise and wormwood herbs (Artemisia absinthium). The liquor is green and turns opaque and milky when ice water is added. This is the well-known suspension state of absinthe. This wine is rich in aroma, light and slightly bitter taste, and contains more than 45 degrees of alcohol. The four major producers of absinthe are Czech Republic, Spain, France and Switzerland. Czech is also a [...]

The classification of T-shirt pattern

T-shirt pattern design combines graphic design and clothing design. A good design of T-shirt pattern can enrich the decorative variety of products and enhance the value of T-shirt, and can play a better advertising effect, so it is more commercial and practical than traditional painting. Nowadays, there are many types of T-shirt pattern design, generally more common are: 1, trademark category; 2, text category; 3, comprehensive category. Trademark category There are many international brands of T-shirts, and their printed patterns are [...]