Pouring method

Pouring procedure: If the wine is sealed with cork, after opening the bottle, the owner should first be in his own cup. Pour a little, taste if there is bad cork taste, if the taste is not pure, it should be replaced by another bottle. When pouring wine, first the chief guest and then the other guests. Usually in clockwise direction, pour wine one by one on the right side of each guest, and finally pour wine for yourself. Method of [...]

Characteristic of wineglass

1.Bordeaux wine cup Bordeaux red wine cup, as its name implies, is suitable for most French Bordeaux red wines. Because Bordeaux red wine is sour and astringent, it requires tulip cup shape with long body and not very vertical wall. Curve of cup wall can effectively adjust the direction of liquor diffusion in mouth, and wider mouth can better adapt to Bordeaux red wine. Gradual wine aroma. 2. Burgundy Cup Burgundy red wine with heavy fruit flavor needs frequent flow in the [...]

The Origin of Cocktails (2)

Statement 4 In the 19th century, Clifford, an American, ran a hotel by the Hudson River. The Kejia family has three things to be proud of. They are called Keshi Sanju. Firstly, he has a fat, grand cock, a famous player in the cockfighting field; secondly, his wine bank is said to have the most outstanding wine in the world; thirdly, he boasts that his daughter, Emily, is the first beautiful woman in the city and seems to be unique [...]

The Origin of Cocktails (1)

Statement 1 Cocktails In 1777, Betsy Flanagan invented the American-style “cocktails”. Cocktails originated in a cocktail feather-decorated pub in Elmsford, New York, in 1776. One day, when all kinds of liquor were almost sold out in the pub, some officers came in to buy drinks. A waitress named Betsy Flanagan poured all the leftovers into a large container and whipped a feather from a big cock to serve the guests. When the officers looked at the wine’s fineness and could [...]

Classification of tablecloths

First, it is classified according to the production process. Plastics: PVC table cloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, ironing table cloth, cotton substrate PVC table cloth, PP table cloth and other polyethylene table cloth, casting film table cloth Textile category: polyester-cotton slub printing table cloth, polyester-cotton knitted lace table cloth, pure cotton mercerized screen button table cloth, polyester warp knitted jacquard table cloth, pure cotton mercerized jacquard table cloth, polyester-cotton flat knitted printing table cloth, polyester-cotton flat embroidered table cloth, [...]

The Origin of Margarita cocktail

Margaret, known as “After Cocktail”, is one of the most famous traditional cocktails in the world besides Martini. It was the champion of the American Cocktail Contest in 1949. In addition to our most common standard Margaret, there are more than twenty kinds of modulation methods, of which Margaret with a variety of fruit flavors and a variety of other colors are the majority (standard Margaret is yellow). In 1949, the United States held a national cocktail contest. Jean Durasa, a [...]