Promotion gift of data cable

COM interface COM interface, also known as serial port, is connected to the back of desktop computers, and is currently being eliminated. The advantages are low price, support for brushing (some mobile phones can only use serial port line); the disadvantages are that it is extremely inconvenient to remove and unplug, does not support notebook computers, and the transmission speed is relatively slow. USB interface USB interface is the mainstream, the advantage is convenient, fast and stable, supporting all types of computers; [...]

Christmas gift

Christmas Eve (December 24), which is a part of Christmas in most Christian countries, has become a worldwide holiday due to the integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Christmas Eve is traditionally a time to decorate Christmas trees, but with Christmas celebrations starting early, for example, after Thanksgiving in the United States, many Christmas trees have been decorated as early as a few weeks before Christmas. Extended development up to now, Christmas Eve not only refers to the night of [...]

ABS performance

1. General performance The appearance of ABS engineering plastics is opaque and ivory colored granular material. Its products can be colored and have high gloss. The relative density of ABS is about 1.05, and the water absorption is low. The combination of ABS and other materials is good, easy to surface printing, coating and coating treatment. The oxygen index of ABS is 18 ~ 20, which is a flammable polymer. The flame is yellow, with black smoke and special cinnamon [...]

Beer Festival

Denver Beer Festival The United States, as a multi-ethnic country, the German immigrants who came to the United States naturally brought the tradition of beer festival to America. Later, people of other ethnic groups took this as an excuse to participate in the traditional German Festival and drink beer. According to the different activities, the three-day tickets range from $30 to $50. The price of three-day tickets is $145, which is $20 less than that of single day tickets. If [...]

Four advantages of digital printing

Digital printing machine proofing in the Western printing industry has become the mainstream mode of production. More than 90% of printing enterprises in Europe use digital printing machine for proofing. These enterprises generally believe that digital printing machine has fast proofing reaction, low proofing cost and good effect consistency. Digital printing machine has become an essential tool in European printing industry. Overall solution, and achieved good results. Compared with traditional proofing, digital printing proofing has the following four advantages: 1. Fast [...]

How to choose glass?

1. Whiteness: no obvious color is required for the exposed glass. 2. Bubbles: a certain number of bubbles of a certain width and length are allowed, but those that can be pierced by a steel needle are not allowed. 3. Transparent pimple: refers to the glass body with uneven melting, not more than one with a length of not more than 1.0mm for a glass with a capacity of less than 142l; not more than one with a length of not [...]

Scarf maintenance and washing

It is suggested that women with conditions should use dry cleaning and hand washing without conditions. Hand washing of high-grade cashmere products should adopt the following methods: 1. Cashmere products are made of a kind of precious cashmere raw material. Because cashmere is light, soft, warm and smooth, it is better to wash it by hand alone (do not mix it with other clothes); cashmere products of different colors should not be washed together to avoid staining. 2. Measure and record [...]

Main uses of polyester fiber

1. Improve the high-temperature stability and improve the high-temperature stability. Due to the three-dimensional distribution of polyester fiber monofilament, it has a strong adsorption with asphalt, and it is not entangled. It can absorb too much free asphalt, which increases the viscosity and cohesion of asphalt. At the same time, due to the reinforcement and bridging effect of cross and cross, it reduces the flow performance of asphalt and limits the lateral displacement of aggregate Or flow, effectively improve [...]

The use of PS

PS is widely used in the optical industry because of its good light transmittance. It can be used to make optical glass and optical instruments, as well as transparent or brightly colored ones, such as lampshades, lighting appliances, etc. PS can also make many electrical components and instruments working in high frequency environment. Because PS plastic belongs to the hard inert surface material, it needs to be bonded with professional PS glue in the industry. When PS is used alone [...]

Etching gravure

Etching intaglio is made by etching the surface of the plate cylinder with chemical etching method according to the original text. According to the different conversion methods of original text, etching gravure can be divided into etching gravure, photo gravure and dot gravure. Etching intaglio is made by the combination of engraving and etching. That is to say, the shape of the original image and text is first carved by hand, and then the intaglio is made by etching. Gravure is [...]