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La Romanee-Conti

2002: Output is about 6100 bottles. Samples taken from oak barrels after the first slag removal: delicate halo, bright black completely different from common dyes; beautiful flower fragrance, delicate and natural, clear texture; light appearance, no trace of a new oak barrel, grape maturity has been clearly demonstrated (better in 2001); The taste, the long aftertaste, is a very elegant year! The grape harvest time is September 21.2001: Output is about 6960 bottles. Pure and bright upper-class color; strong [...]

Brewing of wine

Rum magically spills out of machines with staggered pipes and hot distillation columns. Winery inherits the traditional technology and adopts the traditional brewing method in the peak production season. Although the machine is good, it can not recognize the fragrance of wine. Good wine can only come from good brewers. Brewing technology has been handed down from generation to generation, and experience has been accumulated bit by bit. Winemakers are masters of art. They can not only control the [...]

Classification of rum

Rum wine can be divided into three kinds: strong, medium and light according to its flavor and aroma. Pale rum: Colorless, delicate and light. It is the raw material of cocktail base liquor and other drinks. Neutral rum: In the production process, water is added to molasses to ferment it, and then only the juice floating on it is distilled and aged. Use light or strong rums to mix well before selling. Thick rum: In the production process, first let molasses ferment [...]

Classification of rum

Lambs Potato rum. The relationship between the British Navy and rum has a long history and leaves a lot of words. Every day from 1655 to 1970, the British Navy issued rum, which was named after the navy soldiers. It is a light color type. Cockspum Barthoba is known as the birthplace of rum. It is produced by a top-grade scorpion, and the remaining material after sugar production is produced as a raw material for rum. After two distillations, it is matured in [...]

Main Uses of Copper Plate Paper

Cloth-printed copperplate paper is pressed with old blankets. It not only has smooth surface and high whiteness, but also makes the printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional sense. Therefore, this kind of copperplate paper can be widely used for printing pictures, advertisements, landscapes, beautiful calendars, photographic figures, etc. Copper plate paper is one of the main papers used by printing plants. Copper plate paper is commonly known as coated paper. Its formal name should be coated paper. It is [...]


Rubber apron Rubber apron is also called work apron, anti-chemical apron, heat insulation apron. It is suitable for electronics, biomedicine, chemistry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, etc. There are many specifications of single-glue and double-glue. It is based on pure natural rubber and cotton cloth as abdominal protective articles for acid-alkali operation. Aprons on the market are mainly divided into six categories: Non-woven apron Nonwoven is a kind of nonwovens. It is a new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and plane [...]

Oily Ball Pen

The ball of the pen head used is mostly made of stainless steel or cemented carbide. The size of ball diameter determines the size of handwriting lines. Common ball diameters are 1 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.5 mm (the body or core of the product is often marked). The ink of ballpoint pen is specially made, which is mainly composed of colors, solvents and tackifiers. Common colors are blue, black and red. Common ink is mostly used for general [...]

Types of Wine Cups

There are three main types: Bordeaux, Burgundy and all-purpose glasses. Bordeaux glasses are taller and narrower than Burgundy glasses to preserve the aroma of Bordeaux wine. The capacity ranges from 12 to 18 ounces. These two glasses, named after the grape producing areas, can indeed be said to be tailored to suit grape varieties from different producing areas – Bordeaux glasses are more suitable for tasting wine from Bordeaux producing areas, whether they are full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot with [...]

The Greatest Advantage of Spandex Fabric

Spandex fabric has the greatest advantage of good elasticity, can stretch 5-8 times, not aging, spandex can not weave alone, generally weave together with other raw materials, spandex ratio is about 3-10%, swimsuit fabric spandex ratio reaches 20%. Spandex fibers are synthetic fibers with high breaking elongation (more than 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery. Chinese trade name for multiblock polyurethane fibers. Also known as elastic fibers. Spandex has high elongation (500%-700%), low elastic modulus (200% elongation, 0.04-0.12 [...]

Working Principle of Screen Printing

Screen printing consists of five elements: screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and printing material. The basic principle of screen printing is to use the basic principle of penetrating ink in screen printing plate and non-screen printing. When printing, ink is poured into one end of screen printing plate, and scraper is used to exert certain pressure on the ink part of screen printing plate, while moving towards the other end of screen printing plate. The ink is [...]