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The corporate culture of Carlsberg

Mission of Carlsberg Carlsberg is a dynamic international company that not only provides beer and drinks to consumers, but also attracts them to gather together and increase the fun of life. Carlsberg vision Make Carlsberg a leading international high-end brand in China Become the leading beer group in Western China and the most important beer group in ChinaGolden rule and precious precept The long-term goal of Carlsberg brewery in brewing beer is not to make short-term profits, but to develop the art of brewing [...]

The development history of Carlsberg(2)

In 1978, Carlsberg beer entered China for the second time and established Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong Limited in Hong Kong, which is responsible for the production, sales, distribution and marketing of Carlsberg beer and other brands in China and Hong Kong. After purchasing the original Huizhou Beer Co., Ltd. in 1995, Carlsberg beer (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was established. It started to produce Carlsberg series brands in China, supplying the market in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, and producing local [...]

The development history of Carlsberg

On November 10, 1847, founder J. C. Jacobson set up a factory in the suburb of Copenhagen to produce beer, and named it Carlsberg beer after his son Carl. In 1876, Carlsberg beer was first exported to China. In 1882, Carl Jacobson, the son of Founder J. C. Jacobson, founded the new Carlsberg Brewery Company after studying brewing technology in Denmark and abroad. In 1897, East Asia company was authorized as the agent of Carlsberg beer in China. Since then, Carlsberg’s sales [...]


Carlsberg is the fourth largest Brewery Group in the world. Founded in 1847, Carlsberg is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the same time, Carlsberg is the company’s main beer brand. Carlsberg group’s main business is the production and sales of beer and soft drinks. It has 67 breweries in 43 countries and regions, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions.Carlsberg beer has long participated in the sponsorship of football events, and has become the [...]


Brazilian people widely drink Cachaca, and gradually produce a Cachaca culture, and become more colorful with the changes of the times. Cachaca is a kind of beverage commonly used in rural areas of Brazil for festivals and entertaining guests. In the hotel and tavern, Cachaca is mixed with soda and juice, and it becomes an appetizer cocktail with Brazilian characteristics. It’s said that it’s a courtship for a man to invite a woman to drink sugarcane wine. This rumor is wrong.Cachaca [...]


It’s hard to know exactly who first created CASA, but it is generally believed that Cachaca was produced between 1530 and 1550, because it was at this time that sugarcane was introduced into Brazil as an important cash crop in the colony. And the slaves who planted and harvested sugarcane often collected the surplus of sugarcane processing in the farm and let it ferment into alcoholic beverages. Later, it was realized that fermentation by boiling juice would be better, which [...]


Miracles in the history of wine making After being transported to casasa distillery, sugarcane must be pressed, and the waiting time must not exceed 48 hours. Then, a special fermentation powder is used to ensure that sugarcane wine does not become sour and becomes a high-quality casasa.Sugarcane must first be squeezed into juice and put into the barrel for fermentation. During the natural fermentation process, the sugarcane pulp slowly heats up to 35 ℃. At this time, the sugarcane pulp [...]


Most of South America has a tropical rainforest climate. Tropical plants grow luxuriantly. The fruits are rich in water, vitamins, minerals, etc. the juice and wine made from them are well-known naturally. Just like Maotai, a famous national liquor in China, Brazil also has a kind of liquor that can be called national liquor, that is casasa made of sugarcane, which has a brewing history of more than 500 years in Brazil.Cachaca is a natural and pollution-free green drink, [...]

The characteristic classification of Bacardi

Very dry type A light, dry rum This kind of rum is mainly produced by the Spanish speaking countries of the West Indies, such as Cuba, the Virgin Islands, Dominica, Mexico, Venezuela, etc., among which the rum of Cuba is the most famous.Strong category A rich and strong rum This kind of rum is mostly made in Jamaica and Martinique. Wine aged in wooden barrels for 5-7 years or even 15 years. Some liquor liquor should be added with caramel Toner (such as [...]

The history of Bacardi(5)

Hatui beer appears in Hemingway’s two works: “to have and have not” and “the old man and the sea”. In 1956, Bacardi held a celebration to celebrate Hemingway’s Nobel Prize in literature.Bacardi has made several industry acquisitions to expand beyond its famous rum brand. In 1992, Bacardi acquired Martini and Rossi, the famous vermouth and sparkling wine manufacturers. In 1998, Bacardi acquired Regal whisky and Bombay Sapphire Gin for us $2 billion. In 2001, Bacardi acquired Casado tequila. In [...]