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Production Skills of kraft paper(1)

Reasonable selection of ink As kraft paper is different from SBS board and general printing paper, it is uncoated, looser than bleached board, with many pores on its surface and strong permeability, which needs to be considered comprehensively in ink application and coating. For example, according to the analysis of the characteristics of kraft paper, flexographic printing is generally better than offset printing. Due to the rough surface of kraft paper, soft texture, strong ink absorption, matte print color, and [...]

Production Skills of kraft paper

Soft printing, gravure printing, offset printing and screen printing can be used for kraft paper printing. The best quality effect can be obtained by mastering the key points of printing technology, being familiar with the printing suitability of printing ink and kraft paper, reasonably selecting and allocating ink, and controlling equipment parameters.However, for some small packaging printing and processing plants, or just put into production and management of kraft paper packaging small plants, due to various conditions, there will [...]

Kraft paper(2)

White kraft paper Specifications Press kraft paper is mainly used in the press process of FPC, PCB, CCL and other industries. It plays the role of heat preservation, water absorption, pressure reduction, buffer, heat transfer and so on. It has a complete range of weights, providing 190g / M & sup2;, 220g / M & sup2;, 254g / M & sup2; and other different weights for a long time, and can provide customers with customized production services from 190g / M [...]

Kraft paper(1)

classification Kraft paper usually keeps its tan color, suitable for bags and wrapping paper. According to different properties and uses, kraft paper has different uses. Kraft paper is a general term for paper, which has no certain standard and is generally classified according to its nature and use. According to the different colors can be divided into: primary color kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, plain kraft paper, single light kraft paper, double color kraft paper, etc. According to the [...]

Kraft paper

Kraft paper, used as packaging material. The intensity is very high. It is usually yellowish brown. Semi or full bleached kraft pulp is light brown, cream or white. Quantitative 80-120G / m2. The fracture length is generally more than 6000 M. The tear strength, fracture work and dynamic strength are very high. Most of them are web paper, but also flat paper. The Kraft coniferous wood pulp was used as the raw material, which was beaten and made on [...]

Why to use copperplate paper to print high-grade printing products?

Copperplate is developed with the screen printing. Because the surface of uncoated paper fiber is uneven and the degree is much larger than the diameter of dot, some dot just in the gap between the fibers and can not transfer the ink to the paper, so that the image pixel can not be reproduced in this part. After the coated pulp is calendered, the particles on the surface of the paper are smaller than the diameter of the dot, [...]

Main uses of art paper

The paper is pressed with old blankets. In addition to its flat surface and high whiteness, it also makes the printed figures and pictures have a three-dimensional sense. Therefore, the paper can be widely used for printing pictorial, advertising, landscape painting, fine calendar, figure photography, etc.Copperplate paper is one of the main papers used in the printing factory. Copperplate paper is commonly known. The official name should be printing coating paper, which is widely used in real life. The [...]

Technical requirements for printing copper plate paper(1)

4. Due to the smooth surface and poor ink absorption ability of the copper plate paper, when printing the field plate of large page, try to achieve “deep ink and thin printing”. That is to say, the ink color is properly adjusted, and the ink layer is correspondingly thinned during printing, which can not only meet the requirements of printing color, but also reduce the chance of overprint and prevent overprint. In addition, due to the poor adhesion of [...]

Technical requirements for printing copper plate paper

Due to the defects in the process of some domestic copperplate paper, it is easy to produce varying degrees of de dusting and stretching variation, especially for single-sided coated paper, which is prone to curl and affect the accuracy of overprint. If the process of printing copper plate paper is not properly operated, it is easy to produce sticky dirt (over bottom), pulverization, slow drying, Star color, under light and so on. Therefore, the following problems should be paid [...]

Characteristics of coated art paper

A coating processing paper for copperplate printing. According to different uses, it can be divided into single-sided or double-sided coating. There are flat paper and web paper. The ration is generally 70-150g / m2, and there are double-sided coating up to 180-250g / m2. The paper is uniform and compact, with high whiteness (more than 85%), smooth and glossy surface, and solid and consistent coating, so as to obtain fine and clear patterns and characters after printing. The base [...]