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Leather is made of animal skin, which is conceptually different from artificial leather made of chemical fiber. The leather on the market is generally one of the first layer, second layer and synthetic leather. The prices of the three kinds of skins decreased in turn.Discrimination Identify dermis A handbag is no longer a handbag in the general sense. It is a symbol of character, occupation, status, identity and taste. Compared with fashion, exquisite handbags are more popular. This requires us to [...]

The difference of ivory board

White cardstock is a kind of solid and thick paper with large quantity. Once upon a time, some people planned to divide paper, cardboard and paperboard on the basis of ration; in the early years, in Shanghai shopping malls, white thick paper with a ration of about 200g / ㎡ (with smooth surface, high stiffness after calendering, also known as thin board) was called weighing paper. In fact, it is also a kind of paper jam. The most common [...]

Classification of Ivory board(1)

Paper jam on gray base Bleached chemical pulp is used for the surface layer, unbleached kraft pulp is used for the core layer and the bottom layer, ground wood pulp or clean waste paper is suitable for the color printing of high-grade cartons, so it is necessary to attach great importance to the quality of folding resistance, color printing effect, flexibility, etc. Main use: suitable for making all kinds of paper box, hardcover book cover.Ivory board Ivory board is also called double-sided [...]

Classification of Ivory board

Blue and white double-sided copper plate paper jam It is made from chemical bleached wood pulp with a base weight of about 150 g / m2. Uncoated is called west card, double-sided coated is copper west card. Main use: West card paper is mainly used for business cards, wedding cards, postcards, cards, data cards. The copper west card is mainly used for the cover of books and magazines, postcards, cards, wedding cards, commodity tags, cosmetics and medicines, etc. which need to [...]

Ivory board

The imported white cardboard occupies a considerable market share in the domestic market, but the domestic white cardboard has the potential to occupy this part of the market. After China’s accession to the WTO, although the import tax rate of white cardboard has decreased, the absolute amount of import tax is still high because white cardboard is high-value paper (the normal price is generally usd950-1100 / MT). Even though all domestic white cardboard are produced with imported wood pulp, [...]

Classification of cocktails

(1) Long drink Also known as leisure drinks. This is a kind of cocktails with low alcohol content, mild alcohol, sweet taste and large quantity. It is based on strong liquor, beer or liqueur, mixed and diluted with fruit juice, syrup, soda or mineral water. The amount of base liquor is less, while the amount of soft drink is more. It is filled in water cup, high-type wine cup or large and deep goblet. Most of them are decorated with [...]

Classification of pad printing ink(1)

UV pad printing ink is different from other types of ink, UV ink is cured and dried rapidly under UV energy. When UV light penetrates the ink, the photosensitive molecules in the ink will react with the neighboring molecules, the whole process in seconds or milliseconds. It has the characteristics of friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance and no volatile matter. Sublimation ink needs special processing in the use process, that is, after printing, it needs to be heated to [...]

Classification of pad printing ink

Ink classification The drying of one component ink (also called solvent volatile ink) depends on solvent volatilization. This ink does not have to be added with catalyst. There are two kinds of one component inks: glossy and non glossy. They are mainly used for printing of plastic substrate.Two component ink is also called chemical reaction ink. Before printing, catalyst must be added. The catalyst reacts with the resin in the ink to achieve the purpose of ink drying through polymerization. [...]

Pad printing(1)

summary The ink specially used for pad printing is different from the common solvent ink, water-based ink and UV curable screen printing ink. Although pad printing ink and screen printing ink have some similar characteristics, they are still very different. Different from screen printing ink, pad printing ink drying faster, which is also the most prominent characteristics of pad printing ink. At the same time, the pad printing ink is often printed on the film, which is easy to be [...]

Pad printing

Pad printing belongs to one of the special printing methods. It can print characters, graphics and images on the surface of irregular objects. Now it is becoming an important special printing. For example, the text and pattern on the surface of mobile phones are printed in this way, as well as the surface printing of many electronic products, such as computer keyboards, instruments and meters, which are all completed by pad printing.The pad printing process is very simple, using [...]