Beer Festival

Denver Beer Festival

The United States, as a multi-ethnic country, the German immigrants who came to the United States naturally brought the tradition of beer festival to America. Later, people of other ethnic groups took this as an excuse to participate in the traditional German Festival and drink beer. According to the different activities, the three-day tickets range from $30 to $50. The price of three-day tickets is $145, which is $20 less than that of single day tickets. If you go to the official website to apply for membership, you can get another $20 extra discount on the basis of $145 for ordinary tickets

London Beer Festival

The beer festival in London began in 1978 and will be held again in 2005 at the Olympia exhibition hall in the west of London. Britain is another big beer country besides Germany, and the west of London is the center of British beer, so now it has been described as “the largest pub in the world”. At that time, you will taste a wide variety of beer with different tastes, or even unique ideas, such as the fragrant beer with European Heather, the flavor beer with honey and banana. All drinks are made by hand in small workshops and are mostly produced in the UK. A single day ticket is divided into £ 6 and £ 7, and a pass ticket is £ 17.50.

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