Brewing of wine

Rum magically spills out of machines with staggered pipes and hot distillation columns. Winery inherits the traditional technology and adopts the traditional brewing method in the peak production season. Although the machine is good, it can not recognize the fragrance of wine. Good wine can only come from good brewers. Brewing technology has been handed down from generation to generation, and experience has been accumulated bit by bit. Winemakers are masters of art. They can not only control the raw materials, but also shape the aroma of rum at will. The traditional brewing method of rum wine is to dilute the remaining bagasse from sugar extraction and then add yeast. After 24 hours of fermentation, the alcohol content of sugarcane juice reaches 5 to 6 degrees, so it is commonly known as “wine”. After distillation, there are 21 layers in the first distillation column. The sugarcane juice is heated to boil by a steam boiler to evaporate the alcohol and enter the upper layer of the distillation column. At the same time, the distiller’s grains are sinked into the lower layer of the distillation column to be excluded.

After the annual quality control of aged rum, distilled alcohol enters the second smaller distillation column for cold and liquefaction treatment. The second distillation column has 18 layers for concentrating. With mild steam treatment, the aroma of wine can be extracted according to the proportion of aroma elements in alcohol: heavy oil sinks to the bottom; light oil floats to the middle, and the top layer contains the lightest aroma elements, including green apple aroma elements. Only by classifying alcoholic aroma can a winemaker match the aroma of rum at will.

Innovation does not abandon tradition. Rum, aged in the 1970s, has made it a unique winery with 20-year-old wines and local style in the market. Its old rum has a delicate aroma. Among pure or cocktail-matching rum, Plantation and Agilee Brand White Rum are the most popular among rum enthusiasts. The aroma of mixed rum, Punch cocktail and liqueur is determined by the plant and fresh fruit added. As for the creativity and taste of brewing, it shows you a colorful taste world, a warm world permeating the local flavor of Reunion Island.

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