Guinness Storehouse(3)

When tourists arrive, they first climb a small narrow staircase and enter the middle hall like a cave. For $10, visitors get a “crystal” – a palm sized piece of Lucite resin with a drop of Guinness ale inside. With it, people can go in and visit various exhibitions, and buy a variety of gifts for sale. After slowly rising to the top of the bubble like shape, the crystal becomes the ticket for drinking in the gravity bar. [...]

Guinness Storehouse(2)

That’s why the company built the Guinness warehouse. Guinness managers point out that “Guinness warehouse” should be a place to attract young people who like to go to bars and clubs. The Guinness warehouse is built in a nearly 100 year old building. This is a brick structure building with seven floors high and magnificent style. It was originally a fermentation workshop of the company. It opened at the end of 2000. At the opening ceremony, Guinness company held [...]

Guinness Storehouse(1)

In Ireland and many other parts of the world, Guinness black beer has conquered countless drinkers with its unique charm. However, in recent years, it is also facing the embarrassment of blooming inside the wall and fragrant outside the wall. The UK is the largest consumer of Guinness beer, with Ireland in second place. In Ireland, sales of Guinness black beer were flat, even down 3% in the second half of 2001. The main reason is that in Ireland, [...]


In 1818, the Imperial Russia era, the establishment of the Pierre Smirnoff fils in Moscow, after the October Revolution in 1917, is still a family business. In 1930, its formula was brought to the United States, where the crown vodka distillery was established. Vodka, one of the most commonly accepted vodka, is sold in more than 170 countries around the world, which is the first vodka in the world. It takes the second place in the consumption of spirits, and [...]

Regional characteristics of Christmas(1)

Ireland Every family in Ireland, on Christmas Eve, put a candlelight or lamp on the window frame to welcome the birth of the Savior. Scotland Scots in the home to find things borrowed from others, must be returned to the owner before Christmas. Most of them give gifts on the first Monday of the new year, not during Christmas. Children and servants will get gifts. Netherlands Dutch Christmas gifts, often beyond the expectation of ordinary people, are sometimes hidden in pudding lamb intestines. Germany Every Jesuit [...]

Regional characteristics of Christmas

France In France, most adults go to church for midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the family will go to the home of the oldest married brother or sister for dinner. In this meeting, we discussed the important matters at home, but in case of any family discord, we would like to make peace after that, so Christmas is a kind day in France. Spain Children in Spain put their shoes outside the door or window to receive Christmas gifts. In [...]

Embroidery seal

Embroidery seal is also known as embroidery seal. The English translation is: embroidery patch. Advantages: different from traditional embroidery, it is easier to match clothes, and the finished clothes can also be pasted with embroidery seal (logo) to achieve high-end effect. Traditional embroidery is easy to be used close to the company’s clothing logo and trademark due to its high production speed, high price and single improvement of clothing processing. Making method 1. First, there should be a well-designed electronic picture. 2. [...]

Maintenance of ceramics

1. Household detergent can be used for daily cleaning. 2. Add a little ammonia water with soap or use the mixture of linseed and turpentine with equal amount first, which will make the decontamination stronger and make the tiles shinier. 3. If the liquid with strong dyeability such as strong tea or ink is sprinkled on the brick, it shall be cleaned immediately. 4. Wax the polished brick regularly to achieve lasting protection. The time interval is 2-3 months. 5. If there are [...]

Usage method of antiskid paint

usage method: The product can be directly sprayed on the appropriate part of the hanger or trousers rack. 5 minutes surface dry, 24 hours complete curing. matters needing attention: 1. Due to the fast drying and fixation speed of the antiskid paint, the paint film formed cannot be dissolved by solvent. When pouring the glue liquid into the spray gun pot, add oil or edible oil as soon as possible to float a layer of oil film with a thickness of 1-2mm [...]

Classification of ceramics(1)

The blank of semi porcelain is close to that of porcelain, but it still has 3-5% water absorption after firing (true porcelain, water absorption is below 0.5%), so its performance is not as good as that of porcelain, which is better than that of fine ceramics. Porcelain is a higher stage in the development of ceramics. It is characterized by complete sintering and vitrification of the body, so it is very dense, and has no permeability to liquid and gas. [...]