Champagne Matching

Spaghetti + Champagne

The combination of buttered spaghetti and champagne not only eliminates the greasy taste, but also collides with new taste sparks. In addition, pasta with shrimps and clams complements the flavor of champagne. But be careful to avoid tomato sauce-based foods, the taste of tomatoes and the sour taste of champagne are not harmonious.

Western Point + Champagne

Not very sweet snacks, such as berries, crisps made of flour, butter and sugar, cakes made of heavy oil and sugar, and cakes or tarts and lemon-flavored snacks are ideal companions for champagne.

Chocolate + Champagne

If you want to use chocolate to match champagne, you should pay attention to choosing dark chocolate or bitter chocolate with sweet and non-sticky taste. In champagne taste, it is best to choose champagne with light taste and the lowest sweetness, so as to create the best taste.

Salty + Champagne

Other dishes suitable for champagne are salty dishes, including roast chicken, olives and goose liver, or liver sauce. The salt content of these foods makes people thirsty, and a nice glass of champagne would be great.

Sushi + Champagne

Most sushi blends well with very low-sweetness champagne, because the soft sashimi and the texture of a grain of rice provided by Sushi can wake up people’s taste. Sushi and champagne are both elegant foods, and on this level, sushi and champagne are so harmonious.

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