Classification of cocktails

(1) Long drink

Also known as leisure drinks. This is a kind of cocktails with low alcohol content, mild alcohol, sweet taste and large quantity. It is based on strong liquor, beer or liqueur, mixed and diluted with fruit juice, syrup, soda or mineral water. The amount of base liquor is less, while the amount of soft drink is more. It is filled in water cup, high-type wine cup or large and deep goblet. Most of them are decorated with lemon slices, lime slices Red cherry, and insert 1-2 straw for customers to drink slowly, can be placed for a long time without deterioration, so it is named long drink. The alcohol degree of long drinking is about 8 ° and it is usually appropriate to drink 2-3 cups within 1 hour.

Long drink can be divided into cold drink and hot drink. Cold drinks are good for summer. Hot drink is necessary in winter, such as hot water or milk in cup. Both can be drunk for a long time. The best temperature for cold drinking is 5 ~ 6 ℃. The best temperature for hot drink is 60 ~ 78 ℃.

(2) Short drink

It is also called strong drink. Its characteristic is opposite to long drink. This kind of wine for people who have a large amount of alcohol, often without any auxiliary materials, but like to drink brandy, whisky, etc. directly with ice; but most of the drinkers like to add spices.

Generally, the proportion of base liquor is more than 50%, even 70% – 80%, and the alcohol degree is about 28 °. It is suitable for drinking high alcohol beverage in a short time. Drink about 60ml, 3-4 drinks, with or without ice. Because of its high alcohol content and small quantity, it is usually filled in cocktail glass or champagne glass. Both Marini and Manhattan, for example, belong to this category.

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