Classification of Ivory board

Blue and white double-sided copper plate paper jam

It is made from chemical bleached wood pulp with a base weight of about 150 g / m2. Uncoated is called west card, double-sided coated is copper west card.

Main use: West card paper is mainly used for business cards, wedding cards, postcards, cards, data cards. The copper west card is mainly used for the cover of books and magazines, postcards, cards, wedding cards, commodity tags, cosmetics and medicines, etc. which need to be printed beautifully.

Paper jam with white background

The white copper card is mainly used in the production of higher-level cartons, so the paper surface must have high whiteness, smooth paper surface, good ink acceptability, good gloss and other characteristics, and the paper back is also white card paper

It needs high whiteness and good printability, so as to print on the back. In addition, delamination can not occur during the rolling of cartons. Vacuum packaging has the effect of commodity display and protection, and is relatively light, so it is widely used. The most important quality requirement of white copper card for vacuum packaging is the adhesion effect with PVC shell. It will not be accepted by customers if it cannot be effectively adhered. As the adhesive effect of the cardboard and PVC shell will be affected by the adhesive processing conditions (adhesive concentration, heating temperature, heating time) and printing ink, our factory can only guarantee the adhesive effect of the cardboard before brushing. The customer should first test and confirm the adhesive effect before using.

Main use: all kinds of advanced cartons, vacuum blister packaging.

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