Classification of rum

Potato rum. The relationship between the British Navy and rum has a long history and leaves a lot of words.
Every day from 1655 to 1970, the British Navy issued rum, which was named after the navy soldiers. It is a light color type.
Barthoba is known as the birthplace of rum. It is produced by a top-grade scorpion, and the remaining material after sugar production is produced as a raw material for rum. After two distillations, it is matured in two years. The wine is called the rooster claw.
mount gay
Barbour Bart rum is produced by the company of the West Indies. The name of the wine came from the farmer on the same island in the 17th century. At the same time, the island is also known as the birthplace of rum. Cooked in oak barrels.
Lemon hart
Hato produces rum, Hato is a trader who deals in sugar and rum, and once supplied rum to the British Navy. In 1804, the brand began to operate. This wine is 75.5 degrees
Strong rum. Produced by Barro.
don Q
This wine is produced by Serrano Company. The name of the wine is called Tang Q. The trademark has a description of the flavor and taste. This wine is a light-colored variety. In addition to gold, there is also a crystal color.
Captain morgan
Made by Lincoln Rum, produced by Morgan Carrefour, unlike the usual rum, he uses peppers with a natural aroma. In 1983, the new product of high-altitude rum was born.
Pusser’s rum
It is also manufactured by Rum of Tatsujin Island. The market sells new products from the 1970s. This wine has always been a special offer for the British Navy. Produced by Passazi, the products are divided into light and blue.

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