Classification of shirts(2)

Italian shirt

Italian shirt is a kind of shirt with noble and romantic temperament in the traditional European style. It is mainly used to match formal dress, one of the typical gentleman formal dress shirts. Although italian shirt’s unique Milan sleeve is not as commonly used as French Kefu sleeve, it is also recognized as a formal shirt together with French shirt due to its long history in the formal history. Like French shirt, it has become the most commonly used shirt for traditional European gentlemen.

Italian Milan sleeves and French Kefu sleeves are double fold sleeves, which are different from French sleeves:

1、 The Italian sleeve adopts the circular arc shape, which has a very decorative sense in the traditional cuff shape, thus giving the owner of the shirt and the shirt a romantic temperament.

2、 Italian sleeves are not fixed with cufflinks, but still fixed with ordinary buttons, but in general, buttons are not easy to see covered by sleeves.

3、 The front of italian shirt is different from that of French shirt, with front patch.

Shirt type

Simple can be divided into: dress shirt, casual shirt, casual shirt, home shirt, holiday shirt.

Formal shirts are used for matching formal dresses or suits. Casual shirts are used for informal occasions. Home shirts are used for informal suits, such as sweaters and slacks, for home and walking wear, while holiday shirts are used for tourism.

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