Classification of tablecloths

First, it is classified according to the production process.

Plastics: PVC table cloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, ironing table cloth, cotton substrate PVC table cloth, PP table cloth and other polyethylene table cloth, casting film table cloth

Textile category: polyester-cotton slub printing table cloth, polyester-cotton knitted lace table cloth, pure cotton mercerized screen button table cloth, polyester warp knitted jacquard table cloth, pure cotton mercerized jacquard table cloth, polyester-cotton flat knitted printing table cloth, polyester-cotton flat embroidered table cloth, linen knitted lace table cloth, polyester-linen flat patchwork table cloth, VS table cloth, star silk table clo

Secondly, it is classified according to the scope of use, such as table round toothbound tablecloth, table square flat-edged tablecloth, tea table round panicle tablecloth, bedroom bedside cabinet lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular panicle tablecloth, bedroom bedside cabinet lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular panicle tablecloth. In addition, there are table round disposable non-woven tablecloth and so on.

According to its use, it can be generalized into two categories: practicality and decoration.

Practical tablecloth pays attention to its function, the general material is mainly plastic, and the color is relatively single. As the quality of tables is getting higher and higher, many families generally do not use tablecloths. When visitors come, they simply lay a disposable tablecloth on it and throw it away after using it. This kind of table cloth is simple, but not environmentally friendly.

Therefore, most of the practical tablecloths are made of PVC, and the quality of PVC tablecloths on cotton substrates is the most guaranteed. The cotton bottom on the bottom layer of the table cloth makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional PVC table cloth such as hard and brittle. Moreover, unlike the traditional plastic tablecloth, the color of the tablecloth is too single and dark, and the color and pattern are diverse. It is easy to match with various decoration styles. It is a good choice for soft decoration. This tablecloth is dirty-resistant, easy to clean and carry. Long service life, not easy to fade and fade. PVC tablecloth was very popular in Europe and America, Japan and Southeast Asian countries because of the hot weather, in these years, PVC tablecloth also began to be popular in these countries, in our country, because of its low price and good quality characteristics, it has also been welcomed by many families.

In recent years, due to the improvement of domestic living standards and the pursuit of quality of life, cloth tablecloths are increasingly used. Although cloth tablecloths have dirty shortcomings in terms of practicability, with the increasing number of new people who are keen on Western food, people’s eating patterns are also slowly changing, a piece of suitable. Individual-style cloth tablecloths have become part of the lives of these people.

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