Corrugated paper(1)


Corrugated box is made of corrugated board. It is the most widely used paper container packaging and widely used in transportation packaging. Corrugated box is widely used because it has many unique advantages: ① good cushioning performance. ② light and firm. ③ small overall dimension. ④ sufficient raw materials and low cost. ⑤ it is convenient for automatic production. ⑥The cost of packaging operation is low. ⑦ be able to pack a variety of items. ⑧ low metal consumption. ⑨ good printing performance. ⑩ recyclable.

Clad plate

Corrugated composite board is a new type of material that is rising after the introduction of honeycomb paperboard in the United States and Europe. It is a new generation of high-tech achievements that China has complete intellectual property rights from the whole automatic production line equipment to finished products. The finished product is light in weight, high in strength, non deformation, good in rigidity, strong in buffering performance, good in sound insulation and heat insulation effect. After proper treatment, it can be flame-retardant, moisture-proof and waterproof, and the requirements for raw materials are lower than that of honeycomb paperboard. The recycled waste paper and old corrugated box are raw materials for production, so the source of raw materials is wide and sufficient. The finished products can be recycled after use, which meets the environmental protection requirements of resource recycling and has a very wide application prospect. Corrugated composite board can be made into packing boxes and cushions for various precision instruments, mechanical and electrical equipment, household appliances and ceramic products, as well as pallets, cushion cushions and air turnover boxes of various specifications; in terms of building materials, corrugated composite board can be used to make light partition walls, sound insulation boards, heat insulation boards, furniture and disposable beach tables for export, etc. it can also be used to make emerging Disposable cremation with sterile paper coffin, etc.

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