Duvel beer

Duvel beer is the most famous beer in duvel brewery. As early as 1871, the first generation of the moorgat family began to brew beer with their perseverance, patience, love and exquisite craftsmanship.

Duvel is 100% natural beer. Do not add any additives and preservatives. Its taste is different from the others. 8.5% alcohol content, rich and delicate foam, silky taste makes Duvel talent shows itself in other Belgian beer. With delicate fragrance and light bitter taste, Duwei also has a place in the famous Belgian beer brand.

Type: Belgian golden malt beer

Taste: deep fermentation of hops, fragrant fragrance

Hops: saaz saaz (Czech) & styrain gold (Slovenia)

Color: golden yellow

Tips: please use the unique tulip shaped wine cup of Duwei. The best tasting temperature is 6 ℃

Specification: 330ml-750ml-1500ml

Shelf life: 36 months

It’s the ideal aperitif for people who want to try Belgian real beer

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