Duvel beer(1)

How to pour wine

1. Use a clean and dry glass with the same temperature as the room

2. Tilt the glass to a certain angle and slowly pour the wine into the glass. Pay attention not to touch the bottle and the edge of the glass

3. Slowly pour the wine into the glass, and gradually widen the distance between the glass and the bottle

4. finally, the cup is vertical and forms a thick layer of foam. The beginning of the foam is located on the trademark on the cup. Do not let the foam flow out of the cup.

5. Pay attention not to move too much

6. The last centimeter of wine in the bottle is yeast sediment, which makes the beer more bitter. If you leave the last centimeter in the bottle, you will have a perfect balance between slightly bitter and elegant aroma

Production winery

Duwei distillery

Located in puurs, Belgium, Duwei winery was founded by Jan Leonard mourtgat and his wife, Maria de block, in 1871. The moortgat family has a history of 140 years, which shows the praise of tradition and family concept everywhere. Today, the valuable legacy of Jan Leonard moorgat, the founder of mourtgat, and his sons Albert and Victor continue to be inherited in the fourth generation of the family.

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