Embroidery seal

Embroidery seal is also known as embroidery seal. The English translation is: embroidery patch. Advantages: different from traditional embroidery, it is easier to match clothes, and the finished clothes can also be pasted with embroidery seal (logo) to achieve high-end effect. Traditional embroidery is easy to be used close to the company’s clothing logo and trademark due to its high production speed, high price and single improvement of clothing processing.

Making method

1. First, there should be a well-designed electronic picture.

2. The professional plate making personnel input the electronic pictures into the computer plate making system to complete the production of an embroidery card belt through their own thinking, so as to achieve the best effect of the embroidery seal.

3. After the completion of the embroidery card belt, input it into the computer embroidery machine, and start the embroidery machine to complete the embroidery chapter process.

4. The completion of the embroidery chapter on the embroidery machine does not mean the completion of the whole process. At this time, there are a lot of subsequent work, such as the most basic work, such as back glue, edge burning or edge locking. After that, it’s OK. A perfect embroidery chapter appears in front of you.

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