Four advantages of digital printing

Digital printing machine proofing in the Western printing industry has become the mainstream mode of production. More than 90% of printing enterprises in Europe use digital printing machine for proofing. These enterprises generally believe that digital printing machine has fast proofing reaction, low proofing cost and good effect consistency. Digital printing machine has become an essential tool in European printing industry. Overall solution, and achieved good results.

Compared with traditional proofing, digital printing proofing has the following four advantages:

1. Fast reaction speed

With its rapid proofing, digital printing machine can improve the response speed of enterprises to orders. In the shopping mall, the competition among the leading printing enterprises is intensified, the processing price is reduced, and the profit space is reduced. Customers from the cost, response speed, quality, service and other aspects of printing enterprises put forward higher requirements, which companies take out samples first, will lead a step, get orders. Improve the speed of proofing will undoubtedly enable enterprises to win in the hands of many competitors.

2. Cost reduction

The use of digital printing machine proofing, can replace part of the original must be in the round screen, flat screen printing machine proofing work, no longer need to occupy machine time. Generally, a sample often takes 3-4 hours for a machine. If the customer is not satisfied, it will be modified repeatedly, resulting in a great waste of the production capacity of the enterprise.

3. Good proofing effect and high customer recognition rate

Digital printing and traditional printing belong to different systems, many professional and technical personnel are worried about the proofing effect of digital printing machine is too good, the traditional printing can not achieve such effect, in fact, this worry is unnecessary. At present, in order to solve this problem, the domestic company has organized the best domestic technicians to conduct in-depth research and found solutions. This scheme uses software to adjust the digital printing proofing effect, so that the traditional printing machine can completely achieve the proofing effect in production. From the color point of view, because the color gamut of the size used in traditional printing is wider than that of the digital printing ink, the color effect produced by using the digital printing machine can also be completely simulated by the traditional size.

4. Wide range of application

The ink that can be used for proofing includes active ink, acid ink, disperse ink (transfer printing). Direct printing with disperse ink is still searching for the right ink. In customer samples, if it is paper or electronic, you can directly use digital printing machine after color separation processing, traditional printing machine can complete mass production according to the proofing effect.

If the samples are cloth samples, it is necessary to explain some features of digital printing to the customers, and the proofing mode can be changed only after being approved by the customers. In particular, enterprises should consider the ability of customers to accept new things. For some more conservative customers, the traditional proofing method is still relatively stable. Only when digital proofing becomes the mainstream of the market, it is appropriate to recommend digital printing proofing to these customers. This process will take about 2-3 years in China.

Digital printing technology and traditional printing technology are totally different printing mechanisms, so using digital printing machine proofing needs a break in period with customers. From the point of view of technological links, the internal proofing and production system of an enterprise should also have a running in period. If possible, it is best to develop a set of process standards, so that enterprises can quickly import the digital printing proofing system, which is recognized by customers.

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