Guinness Storehouse(1)

In Ireland and many other parts of the world, Guinness black beer has conquered countless drinkers with its unique charm. However, in recent years, it is also facing the embarrassment of blooming inside the wall and fragrant outside the wall. The UK is the largest consumer of Guinness beer, with Ireland in second place. In Ireland, sales of Guinness black beer were flat, even down 3% in the second half of 2001. The main reason is that in Ireland, Guinness black beer, like many other old brands, is regarded as an antique by young people. Young Irish people in their twenties and thirties are either switching to low-end drinks such as Heineken’s lager, or strong cocktails such as vodka and red bull. How to attract these young people has become a challenge for Guinness brewery.

Before the “new bottle” of beer, Guinness brewery had a tourist center in Dublin called the hop store. This is actually the exhibition hall of Guinness company, which is mainly used to introduce the development history of Guinness black beer for the tourists who come here. Faced with the sales situation in the domestic market, Guinness Brewery gradually realized that it is important to show its colorful history and provide beer for millions of tourists who come to this Irish beer holy land, but it is more important to plan for the future. As a result, the company is considering building a modern facility to replace the hops store. This facility should be able to inject new vitality into the old brand of Guinness black beer, so as to attract young customers who like to follow the trend.

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