Guinness Storehouse(3)

When tourists arrive, they first climb a small narrow staircase and enter the middle hall like a cave. For $10, visitors get a “crystal” – a palm sized piece of Lucite resin with a drop of Guinness ale inside. With it, people can go in and visit various exhibitions, and buy a variety of gifts for sale. After slowly rising to the top of the bubble like shape, the crystal becomes the ticket for drinking in the gravity bar. In the gravity bar, people can see the whole city of Dublin. After scanning the crystal, the bartender takes a piece of wire from it, and then delivers a pint of iced beer to the tourists, and returns the crystal to them as a souvenir. According to the company, crystal is not only a ticket, but also a way to communicate with customers.

At night, Guinness warehouse will hold various activities, such as awards ceremony, concert, company social fair, fashion show and painting exhibition. These activities attracted local residents and company managers. “We’ve had art exhibitions since December 2001, when as many as 600 people attended the opening ceremony,” says Clark, the company’s sales manager These activities make the Guinness warehouse a community activity center. “Guinness warehouse is one way for the company to reach out to a new generation, and it’s also a way for young people to look at Guinness again,” aldier said Guinness warehouse also has a specially designed tavern like classroom where Barmen from all over Ireland can learn how to pour wine correctly. There are even genealogists who come to the Guinness warehouse archives to look up information about ancestors who lived in Dublin. Guinness is like a small archives of Dubliners, because many Dubliners have worked for the company for more than 200 years.

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