How to choose shirt collar(1)?

Button neck – Athletic

The collar point is fixed on the body with buttons. It was originally a sports shirt. It is the only collar type of all shirts that does not require sizing. This type of collar is mostly used on casual shirt, such as jeans shirt, which is mainly made of checkered pattern or polka dot pattern. The fabric is made of pure cotton fabric with general structure or Oxford textile, but some business shirts also use button collar to fix the tie, so it’s better to match with the thin knot silk tie. The thin knot with only one circle of tie is better.

Long pointed collar – fashionable

Long, thin, slightly pointed collar, simple and decent lines, with the characteristics of diversified clothing in the new century, not very picky about ties, abstract, cartoon, slightly gorgeous printing, classical stripes are suitable Give full play to its creativity, especially suitable for matching with the latest popular narrow Lapel two button suit coat, fashionable and restrained, very suitable for the urban white-collar workers who don’t like publicity.

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