How to wear a shirt?

There are many kinds of shirts, no matter the formal occasion suit or the leisure suit match on holiday, shirt is indispensable everywhere. What kind of shirt to wear on what occasions and how to wear it give people a completely different impression. It is a basic knowledge for modern people to know the texture, selection, wearing and tie matching of shirts.

Different styles

Advanced shirt

Occasion: important social activities such as banquets, parties, celebrations, etc.

Quality: exquisite texture, artistic sense, black or white is the best.

Tips for details: you don’t need to buy pure silk cotton and hemp wool. These fabrics are easy to deform, turn yellow and pleat, and the price is expensive. You can buy Fabrics with good technology and good texture, such as weaving, hemp, yarn and synthetic fabrics.

Professional casual shirt

Occasion: work, daily activities.

Quality: material selection and selection tend to be comfortable, professional leisure.

Detail tip: this kind of shirt should be a little formal and delicate, monochrome or stripe, which can match a solemn and clear image.

Casual home shirt

Occasion: home, walk, play.

Quality: comfortable cotton fabric, personalized color pattern.

Tips for details: the model selection must be loose, and the quality must be well controlled at the same time, because leisure does not mean casual.

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