Identification method of leather

Eye view

There are clear pores and patterns on the leather surface, symmetrical fine pores on the cattle hide, thick and sparse pores on the yak skin, and fish scale pores on the goat skin. Whether leather surface has pores or not is an important feature to identify leather authenticity.


All leather has the smell of leather, while synthetic leather has a strong plastic smell.


Tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. When ignited, artificial leather will give off pungent smell and form pimples; leather will give off hair smell without hard pimples. Cut off the corners and burn them. They smell, but not the scorching smell of hair.

Identification of water absorption

The water absorption of the leather surface is better, while that of the fake leather is the opposite, which has better water resistance. You can dip your fingers in some water and smear it on the surface of the garment to observe its water absorption. For example, those with good water absorption are genuine leather. Those with poor or no water absorption are mostly fake leather.

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