Kraft paper(1)


Kraft paper usually keeps its tan color, suitable for bags and wrapping paper. According to different properties and uses, kraft paper has different uses. Kraft paper is a general term for paper, which has no certain standard and is generally classified according to its nature and use.

According to the different colors can be divided into: primary color kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, plain kraft paper, single light kraft paper, double color kraft paper, etc.

According to the different uses can be divided into: packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, rust proof kraft paper, stencil kraft paper, process kraft paper, insulated kraft board, kraft sticker, etc.

According to the different materials can be divided into: recycled kraft paper, kraft core paper, kraft base paper, rough kraft paper, kraft wax paper, wood pulp kraft paper, composite kraft paper, etc.


Kraft paper is widely used in chemical industry, machinery and other industries, especially in food packaging industry.

Kraft paper usage: kraft paper is widely used in all kinds of packaging products, paper bags, handbags, color boxes, gift boxes, kraft paper, printing kraft paper

Printing kraft paper, notebook kraft paper, workbook kraft paper, envelope kraft paper

The packaging of food should follow the principle of convenience and portability. The tensile strength of kraft paper makes it very suitable for the needs of packaging. In order to prevent the bag from being broken when the consumer carries the food, the packaging materials should have good tensile strength. Beverage packaging requires that the materials have certain moisture resistance and deformation resistance to prevent deformation and damage of water absorption.

For frozen food packaging, the use of high-strength materials as packaging is also the key to consider, this material must be able to withstand the low temperature freezing and high temperature melting of the expansion and contraction of heat, to prevent deformation, distortion, wrinkling and excessive moisture absorption can not hold food. From these aspects, the primary color kraft paper is even more suitable than SBS paper.

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