La Romanee-Conti

2002: Output is about 6100 bottles. Samples taken from oak barrels after the first slag removal: delicate halo, bright black completely different from common dyes; beautiful flower fragrance, delicate and natural, clear texture; light appearance, no trace of a new oak barrel, grape maturity has been clearly demonstrated (better in 2001); The taste, the long aftertaste, is a very elegant year! The grape harvest time is September 21.

2001: Output is about 6960 bottles. Pure and bright upper-class color; strong entrance, dense, complex; still young, we can strongly feel the characteristics of the origin, spices, black fruits, plums and sweet soft soil flavor; filling the mouth, requiring concentration and respect, fine tannin balance; must have a long life cycle, top. The peak period is at least 15 years, even more than 20 years; the grape harvest time is September 29.

1998: Output is about 5600 bottles. Beautiful colour, with purple-red hue; floral and spicy combination, elegant and pleasant; breathtaking fluidity and harmony in the mouth, red fruit and cherry flavor, rich and delicate tannins; the delicacy and existence of this wine is a surprise to us! The grape harvest time is September 24.

1995: Output of about 6000 bottles. This year shows the feminine side of Romani Condi, with a delicate fragrance, rose, leather and spices. It develops freely in a relaxed manner, although it is still quite young. It has a silky texture and tannins that feel like genuine tender touch. This wine will be strong and full hidden behind the delicacy and all the wonderful feelings we can experience. We can drink this wine a few years ago, but in fact it has a better aging ability than the following years. The grape harvest time is October 1.

1992: Output is about 4800 bottles. Pomegranate red halo with distinct layers; typical Romani Condi aroma, sweet pepper and rose petal aroma; light and harmonious, the mouth feel more convergent intensity; the acidity of this wine is higher than that of 1995, the aftertaste is shorter than that of 1995, but still the same charm; has reached the appropriate drinking period! The grape harvest time is October 2.

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