Big Lafite Rothschild alias, genuine Rafi, Rafid, what we call genuine Rafi refers to the top products of Rafi Vineyard, is also on behalf of Rafi Vineyard wine, can also be called First Military Wine, Zhengjun Wine. The wine label is as follows. Let’s see the wine name Chateau Lafite Rothschild. The arrow mark on the shoulder of the Lafite bottle was added after 1996. There was no arrow mark on the shoulder of the previous bottle.

Carruades de Lafite nickname: Gawadarafi, deputy Rafi, Rafi is a century-old house, naturally take into account the quality of its products, but grape vines did not grow enough to brew big Rafi, or in the production of genuine Rafi in the presence of defects, then these wines will enter the deputy brand, or with the adjacent vineyard brewing. Made (Tongcun), the price is much lower than the real brand wine, and the taste is only slightly worse than the real brand, so small Rafi meets some specific consumer groups. The wine label is as follows. Note that the name is Carruades de Lafite, and the color bar under the cap. There is no arrow mark on the bottle body.

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