Leather is made of animal skin, which is conceptually different from artificial leather made of chemical fiber. The leather on the market is generally one of the first layer, second layer and synthetic leather. The prices of the three kinds of skins decreased in turn.


Identify dermis

A handbag is no longer a handbag in the general sense. It is a symbol of character, occupation, status, identity and taste. Compared with fashion, exquisite handbags are more popular. This requires us to grasp the fashion trend when choosing. A carefully selected handbag can make the finishing touch, and it can decorate you into a real woman with elegant fashion and high taste. It can also reflect a person’s identity, status, economic situation and even personality. For leather goods, how to distinguish leather?

Touch by hand

That is to say, if you touch the leather surface with your hands, the feeling of smoothness, softness, fullness and elasticity is leather, while the general synthetic leather surface is astringent, rigid and soft. When pressing the leather surface with fingers, there are no obvious pores and wrinkles. If there are wrinkles after pressing, they will not disappear naturally.

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