Main characteristics of melamine

1. Excellent solvent resistance;

2. The surface of the product is flat, nontoxic, tasteless, fall resistant, and can extinguish the arc automatically.

3. It is widely used in tableware, daily necessities, etc.

4. It is safe, hygienic, nontoxic and tasteless.

5. Hard, durable and not easy to break

6. Acid and alkali resistance, superior resistance to oil, acid, alkali and various solvents

7. The surface is clean and easy to wash

8. Good temperature resistance, – 20 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃

9. Light weight, low specific gravity, moderate weight sense

10. The surface can be printed with exquisite and bright patterns. The product has stable coloring, good texture and the beauty of traditional ceramics.

11. Low thermal conductivity, easy to hold even if it contains hot goods.

Due to the high price of melamine powder, some non-commercial enterprises directly use urea aldehyde molding powder as raw material for production in order to pursue profits; some use urea aldehyde molding powder as raw material, and then coat a layer of melamine powder on the outer surface of the tableware. Tableware made of urea formaldehyde is harmful to human body. When consumers purchase, they should first go to the regular shops and supermarkets instead of the stalls; secondly, they should see whether the utensils have obvious deformation, color difference, whether the surface is smooth, whether the bottom is uneven, whether the decal pattern is clear, whether there are wrinkles and bubbles, and whether the colored utensils are faded by wiping back and forth with a white napkin.

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