Duvel beer(1)

How to pour wine 1. Use a clean and dry glass with the same temperature as the room 2. Tilt the glass to a certain angle and slowly pour the wine into the glass. Pay attention not to touch the bottle and the edge of the glass 3. Slowly pour the wine into the glass, and gradually widen the distance between the glass and the bottle 4. finally, the cup is vertical and forms a thick layer of foam. The beginning of the [...]

The Brewing technology of Duvel beer

With what charm does Dewey beer stand out in a country with 650 beer varieties? First, the golden pale beer is fermented in the cellars of the duvel mourtgat family brewery for nearly two months before bottling, and the fermentation takes place at two different temperatures (high and low). Meanwhile, duvel beer is brewed with Danish summer barley and full flower Styrian and sass hops, and the bottled beer is fermented in the cellar for 2 months with medium temperature and [...]

The brand introduction of Duvel beer

To commemorate the end of the first World War, Mr. Albert moorgat once named his beer “victory ale”. After drinking this, the final name given to it is “Duwei”. “Duwei” means “devil” in Flemish. Duwei beer is called the real devil – a true devil. It is a strong British black beer inspired by McEwan’s Scottish ale. An angel and a devil sometimes appear mysteriously on the coat of arms. Whoever is careful can see them! Duvel is the ultimate presentation [...]

Duvel beer

Duvel beer is the most famous beer in duvel brewery. As early as 1871, the first generation of the moorgat family began to brew beer with their perseverance, patience, love and exquisite craftsmanship. Duvel is 100% natural beer. Do not add any additives and preservatives. Its taste is different from the others. 8.5% alcohol content, rich and delicate foam, silky taste makes Duvel talent shows itself in other Belgian beer. With delicate fragrance and light bitter taste, Duwei also has [...]


Brewing technology Duvel brewery is famous for its beer fermentation technology in the world beer industry. In order to improve the taste of vedett beer, the second fermentation will be carried out for several weeks after the beer is bottled or bottled. The bottled white bear beer is unfiltered and retains all the natural nutrients in it. It can’t be described as “thick” or “pale”. It is surrounded by rain and mist in the bottle: wheat, yeast, spices and other natural [...]


penguin Type: high quality low temperature fermented beer (bielson beer) Color: light gold Taste: when tasting, the first thing to notice is a fresh hops taste, as well as the sweet and sour fruit flavor. The raw materials are the best Sazi hops and lager yeast, making penguins have a unique taste and fragrance. Aroma: refreshing fragrance with light malt aroma Alcohol: 5.2% Applicable wine cup: draft beer cup 250ml, 330ml, 500ml Specification: 330ml/ bottled 30L/ bottled draft beer Customized bottle back labelFounded in 1951 by the [...]


Polar bear Type: Belgian wheat beer (al beer) Color: light yellow natural ingredients make beer look like a cloud, rolling and unpredictable Taste: fresh and pleasant taste, combined with the aroma of orange and lemon, the taste is rich and memorable Aroma: a combination of orange and lemon with a fresh fragrance Alcohol: 4.7% Applicable wine cup: draft beer cup 250ml, 330ml, 500ml Specification: 330ml / bottle 20L / barrel draft beer Customized bottle back labelcharacteristic Vedett extra white is a refreshing and pleasant Belgian wheat beer with [...]


Vedett, who stands for self, alternative, fashion, translates as “Star” in French and Flemish. According to the different fermentation types, the strain can be divided into two types: vedett extra white and vedett extra blond. They are all produced in duvel winery of duvel moorgat, Belgium. They are the star products of duvel winery. It has the same bottle body as its brother brand “duvel beer”, but it makes a fuss on the label of the bottle body. The [...]

The production process of PP(5)

There is no liquid waste discharged from this process, and there are few hydrocarbons discharged to the atmosphere, so the impact on the environment is very small. Compared with other processes, this process is easier to achieve strict environmental, health and safety standards. Another remarkable feature of this process is that it can be operated in a super condensed state, that is, the so-called super condensed gas phase fluidized bed process (SCM). By increasing the proportion of liquid phase [...]

The production process of PP(4)

Gas phase bulk method Process features: (1) no solvent is introduced into the system, and propylene monomer is polymerized in gas phase in the reactor; (2) the process is short, the equipment is few, the production is safe, and the production cost is low; (3) the polymerization reactor includes fluidized bed (carbon union / shell unipoi process), vertical stirred bed (BASF novolen process) and horizontal stirred bed (Amoco / El Paso process).The typical representative of gas phase bulk method is [...]