Pouring method

Pouring procedure: If the wine is sealed with cork, after opening the bottle, the owner should first be in his own cup.

Pour a little, taste if there is bad cork taste, if the taste is not pure, it should be replaced by another bottle. When pouring wine, first the chief guest and then the other guests. Usually in clockwise direction, pour wine one by one on the right side of each guest, and finally pour wine for yourself.

Method of pouring wine: Pay attention to the trademark to the guest, not to the mouth of the bottle to the guest. If the sparkling wine can be poured slightly obliquely with the right hand cup, pour the wine slowly along the wall of the cup, so as to avoid the rapid escape of carbon dioxide in the wine. After pouring a glass of wine, the mouth of the bottle should be rotated half a circle quickly and tilted upward so as not to drop the wine outside the glass.

Volume of pouring: brandy only needs to pour to one-third cup or less; red wine can be poured to half cup. For example, when evaluating wine, there is the saying of “most samples”, which means pouring wine to two-thirds cup is appropriate. In Chinese customs, there is the saying of “seven drinks and eight drinks of tea”, which also refers to the extent to which tea or wine in cups and cups should be poured.

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