Bluetooth Car Charger with MP3 Player

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:PPL-PEG002
  • Rated input:DC12-24V
  • Rated output:USB 5V-3.1A
  • Size:70*35mm
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Item NoPPL-PEG002
Working temperature0℃-45℃
Rated inputDC12-24V
Rated outputUSB 5V-3.1A
Net weight0.04kg
Logo ImprintSilk printing,laser etc.
OEM or ODMCustomized are welcome.
Sample time2-3 days for goods in stock.
Delivery TimeAbout 20-25 days after sample confirmed,big order need to be negotiated.

1.Upgrade Bluetooth performance, fast link, fast link / signal stability / anti-interference, transmission distance can reach 10 meters, enhance Bluetooth stability, improve music clarity, and reject noise interference.
2.Upgrade chipset safety chip, more safe current protection, no car damage / no cigarette lighter burning / no cell phone damage during charging.
3.Bluetooth MAC call, more stable signal, wireless call + DSP noise reduction without noise, automatic call switching, after the end of the call, automatically switch to the music being played;
4.Bluetooth voice navigation, clear route, when navigating, the music sound will be reduced automatically; when there is no navigation reminder, the normal volume will be restored.
5.With charger, fast charging, dual USB intelligent shunt, no damage to mobile phone.
6.Voltage detection, battery protection, high-definition LCD safety reminder.
7.Add a new U-disk to play, supporting a capacity of up to 32g, and don’t worry about the lack of memory.
8.It has the function of power-off memory, continue playing, power on and automatically return to the memory playing mode, automatically memorize the track, frequency, and continue playing from the beginning of the track after power off and restart.
9.It’s small and exquisite, doesn’t take up space, only the mini size of 7cm palm is integrated with the car.
10.It has wide compatibility and strong applicability, and supports different mobile phones, models and devices. Unlimited mobile phones: support apple, Android, WP and other smart devices that can install app; unlimited models: models with cigarette lighter, 12v-24v can be applied.

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