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Type-C interface

The type-C interface, or usb-c for short, is located at the bottom of the smartphone and is mostly used for charging, data transmission and other purposes. The biggest feature of type-C double-sided pluggable interface is that it supports double-sided insertion of USB interface, which formally solves the worldwide problem of “USB can never be inserted”, and the front and back are inserted casually. At the same time, it is a connection interface of USB 3.1 standard, which has the characteristics of plug-in both positive and negative, fast transmission speed, etc. Although the interface is designed based on USB 3.1 standard, not all devices using this interface connection mode support USB 3.1 standard. At the same time, the USB data cable used with it must be thinner and lighter.

Features of type-C interface:

1. Thin: 0.83cm long and 0.26cm wide. The old USB port is 1.4cm long and 0.65cm wide.

2. It supports double-sided insertion of USB interface, which solves the big problem of “USB can never be inserted”.

3. Fast charging and transmission speed: the maximum transmission speed is 10Gb / S

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