Red Wine Brewing Process

A. Stem removal: To avoid excessive bitterness in wine, remove the stem from the fruit.

B. Crushing: Crushing the peel gently, called crushing.

C. Fermentation: Yeast is added to the crushed grapes (together with the peel and seeds). Because the color of red wine comes from the peel, and the astringency is the flavor released by the seeds.

D. Juice pressing: The fermented wine is squeezed by a juicer.

E. Fermentation: Separate the extracted wine from the peel and seeds, and then only ferment the wine. This stage is the key to determine the flavor of wine. Wines with different flavors are fully fermented and ripened.

F, slag removal: After fermentation, the dissolved residual substances will precipitate automatically and be removed smoothly. This process is called slag removal.

G. Ripening: Then fill the barrel to make it fully ripe. The ripening period is about two years (but also less than two years).

H. Bottling: Bottling after ripening.

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