Scarf maintenance and washing

It is suggested that women with conditions should use dry cleaning and hand washing without conditions. Hand washing of high-grade cashmere products should adopt the following methods:

1. Cashmere products are made of a kind of precious cashmere raw material. Because cashmere is light, soft, warm and smooth, it is better to wash it by hand alone (do not mix it with other clothes); cashmere products of different colors should not be washed together to avoid staining.

2. Measure and record the size of cashmere products before washing. Cashmere products stained with coffee, juice and blood stains shall be sent to a special washing and dyeing shop for washing.

3. Soak in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes before washing (jacquard or polychrome cashmere products should not be soaked), and press gently in water with both hands while soaking. The purpose of immersion extrusion is to separate the dirt attached to the cashmere from the fiber and enter the water, while the other part of the dirt is wet and loose. After soaking, gently squeeze out the water with both hands, and then put it into the neutral washing solution at about 35 ℃ to wash with both hands while soaking. Never wash with hot soap water, scrub or wash with detergent with large alkaline content, otherwise, it will appear shrink rolling felt and deformation. When washing cashmere products at home, it can be washed with shampoo. Because cashmere fiber is protein fiber, afraid of alkaline detergent, and shampoo is mostly “mild” neutral detergent.

4. After washing, the cashmere products need to be “peracid” (the cashmere products to be washed will be immersed in a solution containing appropriate amount of glacial acetic acid), so as to neutralize the residual soap alkali solution in cashmere, improve the fabric luster, and protect the wool fiber. In the “peracid” procedure, if there is no glacial acetic acid, it can also be replaced by edible white vinegar, but after peracid, it needs to have a clean water.

5. After rinsing with water at about 30 ℃, the matching softener can be put in according to the instructions, and the hand feel will be better.

6. Squeeze out the water in the washed cashmere products, put it into the net bag and dehydrate it in the dehydrating cylinder of the washing machine.

7. Lay the dehydrated cashmere sweater on the table with towel quilt, measure it to the original size with ruler, and make it into a prototype by hand to dry in the shade. Never hang it in the sun.

8. After drying in the shade, use medium temperature (140 ℃) steam to iron flat. The distance between the iron and cashmere products is 0.5-1cm. Do not press on it. If other irons are used, wet towels must be padded.

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