Shirt collar type and Body sleeve

Shirt collar type

The collar of western style shirt is exquisite and changeable. The collar style is divided by the “eight character” type before the lapel, including small square collar, Chinese collar, short pointed collar, medium pointed collar, long pointed collar and eight character collar. Its quality mainly depends on the material and processing technology of the collar lining, and it is better not to wrinkle or roll the angle. The materials used for collar lining include various specifications of pulp cloth lining, film lining, adhesive lining and angle inserting piece, among which the flat compound collar with double-layer adhesive lining is the top product, followed by resin lining and corner film lining.

Body sleeve

In addition to the collar style, the shirt body has straight waist, curved waist, inside flap, outside flap, square hem, round hem, with and without pleats, etc. Sleeve has long sleeve, short sleeve, single sleeve, double sleeve and so on.

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