1. Ski Socks

Skiing is becoming more and more popular and popular. This extreme sport is characterized by fast speed and steep slope. It is easy to stand up in speed skating, especially the ankle is easy to be injured, so it is necessary to choose a suitable pair of ski socks.

Ski socks should be worn when skiing, but general sports socks can also be used (plus basketball socks, baseball and softball socks can be used). Socks are only suitable for non-skiing wear, mainly because the ski boots are high-ranking, socks are too low, skin and snowshoe boots directly contact, easy to cause swelling and pain due to friction. When skiing, just wear a pair of socks, unless the shoes are slightly larger, you can add two more socks to adjust, because socks wear too much, sometimes affect the feeling of skiing.

Skiing socks should be high waist, elastic, not too thick, to ensure the flexibility of sports.

2. basketball socks

Basketball socks are divided into high waist and low waist. The purpose of socks on basketball court is quite different from that on football field: soccer players always reach knee length, which is to fix the protective board of the facing bone of the calf. Although basketball stockings also have the function of tightly wrapping calf muscles, their sports protection is far less than soccer stockings. It can also be said that the psychological factors of the stockings brought to basketball players are greater than those of physical factors. Many players believe that they are more likely to force their legs after being wrapped up. In fact, the effect is negligible.

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