T-shirt fabrics

Polyester cotton

Cotton + polyester, refers to polyester and cotton blended fabric collectively. Generally there are two classifications of blending and weaving. Advantages are good wrinkle resistance, not easy to deform; disadvantages are easy to hair, plus two dyeing, the fabric feel hard. The hand feel is soft and thick, the washing is not easy to deform, but the clothing comfort is slightly worse than pure cotton. 65% cotton T-shirt fabric is OK, while 35% cotton is worse, wearing very uncomfortable, and easy to pill.

100% cotton

This is a more commonly used T-shirt fabric, cost-effective, although unlike other high-end T-shirt fabrics, after special processing, but 100% pure cotton, still retains the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton, good skin affinity, good air permeability, good moisture absorption. If the budget is small and you want to wear comfortable clothes, this is a good choice. Of course, some 100% cotton treated by special processes such as wool removal and softening are also high-grade fabrics.

Cotton + Lycra (high quality spandex) also known as Lycra cotton

It has drapability and crease recovery ability, which is the elastic cotton fabric implanted with spandex during weaving process. Good feel, close to the body, highlight the figure, elastic, especially suitable for close-fitting clothing. Men’s T-shirts have been used in the past two years. Generally, when making T-shirt fabrics, spandex fabrics can only be treated with light alkali and low temperature mercerizing. This kind of fabric is more suitable for T-shirts with close-fitting fashion style, and the bone feeling will be worse. In particular, it should be noted that this fabric to do a good job of Shrink-proof water treatment.

Mercerized cotton

High-weaving yarn is made by worsted spinning. Mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton. After singeing and mercerizing, high quality mercerized yarn with smooth, bright, soft and wrinkle resistance is produced. The high quality T-shirt fabrics made from this material not only preserve the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also have silky luster, soft texture, moisture absorption, air permeability, good elasticity and sag. In addition, the rich color, comfortable and casual clothing, fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

Double mercerized cotton

With mercerized yarn as raw material, pure cotton double mercerized fabric is a pure cotton product of double-fired double-filament. Using CAD computer aided design system and CAM computer aided production system, the designed pattern T-shirt fabrics are quickly woven. After the grey cloth is burned and mercerized again, and a series of finishing, the high-grade T-shirt fabrics are produced. The fabrics have clear pattern, novel pattern, bright luster, smooth handle and are better than mercerized cotton. It’s better than the others, but it’s a little expensive because of two mercerizing processes.

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