The brand introduction of Duvel beer

To commemorate the end of the first World War, Mr. Albert moorgat once named his beer “victory ale”. After drinking this, the final name given to it is “Duwei”.

“Duwei” means “devil” in Flemish. Duwei beer is called the real devil – a true devil. It is a strong British black beer inspired by McEwan’s Scottish ale. An angel and a devil sometimes appear mysteriously on the coat of arms. Whoever is careful can see them!

Duvel is the ultimate presentation of Belgian beer art. It is praised as one of the top five beers in the world by beer master Michael Jackson. Many beer experts highly recommend it as one of the essential products in any cellar collection.

Duvel’s subtle bitterness comes from the hops and yeast used in its brewing process. In 1918, the winemaker Albert moorgat brought back a small number of yeast samples from sugala, which have been cultivated for many years and are still used up to now. Duwei beer has rich taste levels, and its unique 90 day bottle fermentation method is indispensable: first, the second fermentation is carried out for two weeks in the “warm wine cellar”, then it is moved to the “cold wine cellar” for about six weeks, and finally it is loaded on board and transported to all over the world.

Duvel is a real devil. The taste is full of sharp contrast. Every time you drink, you will find something unexpected. Golden yellow color, delicate foam, silky pure taste, fragrant fragrance. All in this 8.5% beer. The blending of orange, apple beer and yeast makes duvel smell fragrant; with the embellishment of yeast and hops, light malt taste runs through. The perfect combination of mellow aroma and slightly bitter makes duvel occupy an unparalleled position in the booming Belgian traditional beer.

The wonderful bottled fermentation process keeps the bubble of Du Wei beer perfectly. When you pour carefully into the wine cup, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that his tornado bubble is coming from the bottom of the cup.

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