The Brewing technology of Duvel beer

With what charm does Dewey beer stand out in a country with 650 beer varieties?

First, the golden pale beer is fermented in the cellars of the duvel mourtgat family brewery for nearly two months before bottling, and the fermentation takes place at two different temperatures (high and low).

Meanwhile, duvel beer is brewed with Danish summer barley and full flower Styrian and sass hops, and the bottled beer is fermented in the cellar for 2 months with medium temperature and low temperature. Due to fermentation in bottles and high carbon dioxide content, Duvel beer has a rich foam layer.

Secondly, Duvel is a perfect combination of fragrant wine and delicate bitterness, with a rich beer foam. 5% of the total alcohol content in the world.

Duvel is bright and gorgeous gold. It is necessary to have a thick foam layer to taste its fruit flavor, the aroma of the hops and the smell of pepper. It is the best partner for fish, shell, stewed chicken, fruit sauce grill and cream sauce. Of course, you can also taste the beer alone.

The high alcohol but sweet taste makes it a good drink to quench thirst. Duvel beer is a good combination for starters or after meals or for cooking.

Chef William Drabble of aubergine hotel in London, one of the members of Michelin star rating organization, commented: “the wonderful duvet beer can make delicious dishes in the kitchen. It can be used to make a variety of dishes. It can make a snake’s eye and improve the quality of dishes.”

To this day, duvel beer is the world leader in highly fermented beer. Dewey beer has won the “best bottled wine” award in the AER (UK) competition of Pittsburgh beer festival organized by campr.

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