The characteristic classification of Bacardi

Very dry type

A light, dry rum

This kind of rum is mainly produced by the Spanish speaking countries of the West Indies, such as Cuba, the Virgin Islands, Dominica, Mexico, Venezuela, etc., among which the rum of Cuba is the most famous.

Strong category

A rich and strong rum

This kind of rum is mostly made in Jamaica and Martinique. Wine aged in wooden barrels for 5-7 years or even 15 years. Some liquor liquor should be added with caramel Toner (such as Jamaican rum), so its color is golden and crimson.

Aromatic compounds

A light, aromatic rum

This kind of rum is mainly produced in Java islands. Its long-lasting fragrance is caused by aromatic medicinal materials. Fragrant rum is usually stored for about 10 years. The more famous Arak rum J and Cuba Havana Club Rum.

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