The corporate culture of Carlsberg

Mission of Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a dynamic international company that not only provides beer and drinks to consumers, but also attracts them to gather together and increase the fun of life.

Carlsberg vision

Make Carlsberg a leading international high-end brand in China

Become the leading beer group in Western China and the most important beer group in China

Golden rule and precious precept

The long-term goal of Carlsberg brewery in brewing beer is not to make short-term profits, but to develop the art of brewing beer to a perfect state, so that Carlsberg brewery and its products can establish a good standard, and keep the brewing technology of Carlsberg beer at a high level that is always respected. ——J. C. Jacobson

Carlsberg and Liverpool

Carlsberg is a sponsor of Liverpool football team. Liverpool players wear the Carlsberg logo on their shirts, making this international premium beer brand known to people all over the world.

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