The development history of Carlsberg

On November 10, 1847, founder J. C. Jacobson set up a factory in the suburb of Copenhagen to produce beer, and named it Carlsberg beer after his son Carl.

In 1876, Carlsberg beer was first exported to China.

In 1882, Carl Jacobson, the son of Founder J. C. Jacobson, founded the new Carlsberg Brewery Company after studying brewing technology in Denmark and abroad.

In 1897, East Asia company was authorized as the agent of Carlsberg beer in China. Since then, Carlsberg’s sales volume in China has remained stable.

In 1906, the old and new Carlsberg breweries were merged into Carlsberg breweries.

In 1929, as Carlsberg’s beer began to use the classic 1904 version of the trademark (designed by the famous thorvald bindesball (1846-1908)), the sales volume of Carlsberg beer in China increased significantly.

In 1970, Carlsberg breweries merged with tuborg and was named Carlsberg public limited.

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