The development of shirts

Shirt is usually worn on the surface, with a variety of ways to wear before, often only as a supporting role. The role of the shirt, from the intimate underwear to the middle coat, dates back to the late 1600s when the men’s clothing appeared in the top and vest. It produced the way that the shirt was worn under the vest and in the middle of the coat, which is very common in the modern suit style. It can also be said that the style of the collar and cuffs exposed from the top was established at this time.

In the 1700s, large and comfortable shirts with waistlines and sleeves began to appear. You can see the slit part in front of the shirt and the decorative lace of the chest. The cuffs are also decorated with ruffles, and the wrists are covered with ruffles, which is the most authentic way for aristocrats at that time.

After the jacket and vest are fixed, the existence of the shirt becomes very thin. But the upper class gave him a new meaning. Keeping the shirt clean and wearing a white shirt is considered a new identity symbol.

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