The development of shirts(2)

In 1900, in the United States, black and white, red and white, lavender and white, large striped patterns were very popular. The high collar shirt with double color matching on the chest is very popular.

In 1906, it began with dress style shirts and vertical collars of colors, etc., and turn back type collars were very common.

In 1916, detachable collars became popular.

In 1914, Henry’s shirt with a flanneled off load collar became popular.

In 1917, like soft collar shirts began to be popular in the market. Most of that style is lower at the neck and waist.

In 1918, after the first World War, due to the prosperity, silk shirts became popular. The upsurge continued until 1921.

In 1928, colored shirts began to look up. The Princeton color of the Ivy League is as diverse as it used to be.

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