The difference between champagne and wine

It is estimated that many people have drunk these two kinds of liquors, but what is the relationship between these two kinds of liquors? What’s the difference? Most people are not very clear. Today we will compare the two kinds of wine.

Wine is divided into red wine and white wine. Champagne is in the white wine category. White wines are subdivided into static (non-bubbling) and dynamic (bubbling) wines. Champagne wines are dynamic. Champagne has a very special position in history. Because its English is synonymous with joy, champagne is used to celebrate major occasions, and champagne is also called “the king of wine”.

Champagne wine is based on white wine. When yeast and sugar are added to each bottle of white wine for secondary fermentation, a large number of bubbles will be produced and the taste of white wine has changed greatly. Because of secondary fermentation, the alcohol content of champagne is always several degrees lower than that of wine.

Wine is usually limited by years. Why is Rafi so famous in 82? It is precisely because the rainwater and temperature of the grapes in Rafael Winery in 82 are extremely appropriate, so the grapes of that year are rare and good, and the wine produced naturally is not bad.

And champagne has no year limit, because the area where champagne is produced is the champagne area of northern France. Very cold, not in line with the growth of red wine grapes, but particularly suitable for champagne brewing.

Wines are classified into four types according to their sweetness: sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry and dry.

Champagne wine can be classified into seven types according to its sweetness: sweet type, semi-dry type, dry type, extra-dry type, ultra-dry type, extra-dry type and natural ultra-dry type.

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