The discrimination of shirt material

Shirt texture

Shirt can be divided into combed cotton shirt, silk shirt, crepe de Chine shirt and polyester cotton shirt according to the base material. When selecting, it is ideal to have light, thin, soft, cool, stiff and good air permeability. Because shirt collar lining is often used as hot-melt adhesive material, it is forbidden to soak it in warm water above 60 ℃ when washing. The material of shirts used to be white poplin, but now they are made of Dacron, silk, yarn and various chemical fibers. Styles include stand collar, large lapel and small lapel. Women also have round neck or bald neck. Generally speaking, the short sleeve is mostly bald collar and round collar, while the long sleeve is mostly small lapel.

Fabric quality

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the raw materials, the yarn count is an important factor to determine the fabric grade. The yarn count is the thickness of the yarn. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn, and the more complex the technology, the more expensive it is. Nowadays, 120-180 pieces of fabrics are generally used for high-end shirts, and even 200-300 pieces of fabrics are used for higher-end shirts.

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