The Origin of Margarita cocktail

Margaret, known as “After Cocktail”, is one of the most famous traditional cocktails in the world besides Martini. It was the champion of the American Cocktail Contest in 1949. In addition to our most common standard Margaret, there are more than twenty kinds of modulation methods, of which Margaret with a variety of fruit flavors and a variety of other colors are the majority (standard Margaret is yellow).

In 1949, the United States held a national cocktail contest.

Jean Durasa, a bar bartender from Los Angeles, participated. This cocktail is his champion. It was named Margarita cocktail in memory of his late lover Margarita. In 1926, Jean Durasa went to Mexico and fell in love with Margarita. Mexico became their romantic place. Once, however, when they went hunting in the wild, Margaret was shot by a stray bullet and finally fell into the arms of Jean Durasa, their lover, and left forever. So Jean Durasa used Tequila, the national liquor of Mexico, as the base of cocktail, the sourness of lemon juice as the sourness of heart, and salt frost as the symbol of missed tears. Today, Margarita has become the representative cocktail of Tequila while it is popular in bars all over the world.

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