The origin of shirt

Suits and shirts originated in Europe. The buttons used in shirts are also inspired by the through Cufflinks of French shirts. So the style of formal shirts is basically based on French shirts, with beautiful French folding sleeves. Just according to the different matching dress or formal dress, the collar and front may be different from the traditional French style. The fabric is mainly made of pure cotton, silk and other natural materials. It pays attention to the fit and fit of the tailoring. There are Interlinings in the collar and cuffs to keep the straightness effect, which is the same as the function of the dress and the suit, emphasizing the modified body line. Shirts used for formal dresses are usually only white, while those for formal dresses are mostly white or light. Please note: American shirts are influenced by the popularity of American civilian culture. They are loose in style and do not pay attention to tailoring. They often use buttons to fix the collar tip, which is neither beautiful nor exquisite. Therefore, they are more suitable for home shirts. The real upper class in the United States will not dress up with American shirts.

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