The Use of Polyester

Polyester fibers have high strength, high modulus and low water absorption. They are widely used as civil and industrial fabrics. As a textile material, polyester staple fibers can be pure spinning, especially suitable for blending with other fibers; they can be blended with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and other chemical staple fibers such as viscose fibers, acetate fibers, polyacrylonitrile fibers and other staple fibers. The cotton-like, wool-like and linen-like fabrics made from pure or blended fabrics generally have the original excellent properties of polyester fibers, such as crease resistance and crease retention, dimensional stability, wear resistance,

washability and wearability, while the original disadvantages of polyester fibers, such as electrostatic phenomena in textile processing and dyeing difficulties, sweat absorption and so on. Poor air permeability and easy to melt into voids when encountering Mars can be alleviated and improved to a certain extent with the incorporation of hydrophilic fibers. Twisted polyester filament (DT) is mainly used to weave various silk-like fabrics. It can also be interwoven with natural or chemical staple yarns. It can also be interwoven with silk or other chemical filaments. This interwoven fabric maintains a series of advantages of polyester.

Polyester textured yarn (mainly low elasticity DTY) is the main variety developed in recent years in China. It differs from ordinary filaments in that it has high fluffy, large crimp, strong wool feel, soft, and high elastic elongation (up to 400%). The fabric woven with it has the characteristics of good warmth retention, good covering and drapability, soft luster and so on. It is especially suitable for weaving wool-like clothes, serge suits, coats and various decorative fabrics such as curtains, tablecloths, sofa fabrics, etc. Polyester air-textured yarn ATY and network yarn have good cohesion and smoothness. It can be directly used in water-jet looms in the form of barrel silk. It is suitable for weaving silk-like fabrics and thin fabrics, as well as medium-thick fabrics. Polyester fibers are also widely used in industry, agriculture and new technology fields, such as cord, conveyor belt, rope, electrical insulation materials, etc. Polyester yarn has high strength and initial modulus, good heat resistance, fatigue resistance and morphological stability. It is especially suitable for spinning tire cord. Using polyester cord to make tyres can reduce the flat point phenomenon.

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